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The Round House

The Roundhouse Hotel Not far from where I stay is a location that has a special place in my heart. The “Roundhouse Restaurant” on the slopes of Lions Head was originally built as a guardhouse in 1786 to protect the bay from enemy ships. It is now probably best remembered as Lord Somerset's hunting lodge after he had it renovated and lavishly refurbished. As the governor of the Cape Colony he would often host prominent guests, with whom he would sometimes go on hunting trips on the slopes of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. After a day of hunting lions, leopards and buck, they would all retire to the Roundhouse. Since then the lions have disappeared and Camps Bay below is now an affluent suburb of Cape Town. Over the years it had various owners and many travellers and locals alike have stopped here and enjoyed it's hospitality.

My great grandfather’s diary has an entryon the 4th of May 1897: “We then climbed down on the other side to „Roundhouse“ close to the ocean. When we regained our strength there with a glass of wine, we commenced our return journey”. 117 years later I find myself at the same spot my great grandfather once stood, enjoying a glass of refreshing white wine as the sun sets over the Atlantic below. I wonder to myself how much change the Roundhouse will still bear witness to during my lifetime and if one day my great grandchild will also walk through these doors that have welcomed so many before.

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